selling olive oil from israel

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Hi, As the title say i sell oil from the most recent season (half a year ago). To be honest i have no idea the technical terms for the kind and the way of the proccessing of the oil. maybe if in future i see interest i might do more research .

The source of the oil is from Israel, in the galili area, radius of 10-30 KM from Nazareth, it is collected manually mainly by my family/villagers. and procecced using giant mechanical machines.

Quality: well it is basicly what people gather for themselves, so it is pure as hell :).

Price is 20$ worth of bitcoins for each Liter of oil. + Shipping (depending on your choices).
Until i build a reputation i will gladly accept escrow.
For people from israel: can meet in person during weekend in the tel aviv area, and weekends in afula's area..

one last think that i should mention is the collecting process is all manual, i even remember when i was kid the adults in the family were strict on us not to use tools cause according to them it give a bitter taste from the leaves and harm the long term "life" of the trees.

Thanks a lot


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